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Data privacy statement

The following data privacy statement applies to the use of the website

We take the protection of your personal data very seriously. The collection and processing of your personal data is carried out with due regard to the current data protection regulations and the European General Data Protection Regulation.  We collect and process your personal data to provide you with the aforementioned online portal.  This statement describes how and for what purpose your data will be recorded and used and which choices you have with respect to your personal data.

By using this website you agree to the collection, use and processing of your data pursuant to this data privacy statement.

  • Controller

    The controller responsible for the collection, processing and use of your personal data within the meaning of the European General Data Protection Regulation is

    VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH
    Managing Director Sascha Hermann
    VDI-Platz 1
    40468 Düsseldorf
    Email: vditz(at)
    Telephone: +49 (0) 211 62 14-4 01

    If you wish to object to our collection, processing and use of your data pursuant to this data privacy statement or for individual measures, you can address your objection to the aforementioned organization. You can save and print this data privacy statement at any time.

  • 2.     Data Protection Officer of VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH

    If you have any questions or comments as regards our processing of your personal data we welcome your feedback.   In this case, you can contact our responsible data protection officer as follows:

    Julia Rudolf
    Data protection officer
    E-Mail: datenschutz(at)

  • 3.     Storage of your access data

    Each time a user accesses the website and each time a document is downloaded from this website, access data about this action will be saved in a log file on the server.

    Each data set consists of:

    • The IP address of the device that has opened the website
    • The date and time of the request (“time stamp”)
    • The name of the file
    • The access status (file transferred, file not found, etc.)
    • The amount of data which has been transferred
    • The page which has requested the file (referrer-URL)
    • A description of the type of web browser which has been used (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Opera, etc.)
  • 4.     Transfer of personal data

    Your data will only be transferred from the browser to the web server following encryption.  We use a SSL-certificate for this.

  • 5.     Registration in the members’ area of

    Registration and user data
    By means of the members’ area at the website offers a password protected web-based platform exclusively for registered members of The access data (email address and password) are created by the member himself or herself when setting up a member profile. The password can be changed by the member at any time. It is recommended to keep the access data as unique as possible. Each member is responsible for preventing misuse of the personal access data by third parties.

    Establishing national communities in Europe is the central website of the European Quantum Flagship Initiative. It is the explicit intention of the Flagship to also build up strong and agile quantum technology communities in member states. To this end, the personal data which is gathered in the members’ area of may also be used for building up publicly supported national community activities, e.g. by establishing national QT websites and strategic actions  (e.g.

    Objective and purpose of the members’ area
    The purpose of the members’ area is to establish a network of the quantum technology community in Europe. By means of this, to obtain an overall picture of its expertise and activities, as well as to promote the exchange of experience and knowledge between the registered members of In addition, it serves the purpose of communication and reporting of measures in the course of the “Quantum Flagship” which is funded by the EU, the purpose of which is to consolidate the leading role of Europe in the area of quantum technology and to lead to the establishment of a competitive European industrial landscape for quantum technologies.

    Obligatory and optional request of personal data
    During the registration process, both obligatory and optional personal data will be requested. Certain data must be provided, as this is used to gather important statistics and surveys concerning the community structure in Europe and Germany, which enables strategic processes and networking measures to be derived in order to strengthen the quantum technology community. Optional personal data is gathered, as this completes the individual member profile and shows the commitment of a member to networking activities within the community. Within the member’s area the name, affiliation and city/country of each member will be visible for all other registered members.

    The following obligatory and optional attributes will be requested for a personal database in the members’ area of the website during the registration process:

    • Free field text (obligatory)
      • Name
      • Gender
      • Address
      • Email
      • Company / institution
      • Department / chair
      • Website
    • dropdown text (obligatory)
      • Type of participating institution
    • dropdown text (obligatory)
      • Position in company
      • Scientific Expertise
    • Radiobox (obligatory)
      • Quantum technology area of application
    • Checkbox (optional)
      • Interest of participation/application
    • Free field text (optional)
      • Which skills / methods / topics are you offering?
      • Which equipment are you offering?
      • Which applications are of interest for you?
      • Which skills / methods / topics are you looking for?
      • Which equipment are you looking for?

    Use of personal data
    The personal data is only used for the targeted contacting of individual members or groups of members, for concrete networking activities, for surveys concerning strategic processes and networking measures in the area of quantum technologies, for community building, monitoring of the quantum technology activities in Europe and in order to address individual members in relation to concrete projects related to quantum technologies, as well as to send the newsletter. In order to initiate and implement targeted measures for the promotion and strengthening of the quantum technology community, individual contact data, institutional affiliation, keywords concerning methods and applications, information concerning academic or company position and the respective topic focus within quantum technologies may be passed on to other publicly funded national initiatives on quantum technologies in Europe.

    The gathering of the data takes place via the double opt-in procedure, i.e. your data is only saved and used in the system if you agree to this during the registration process by clicking on a confirmation link contained in an email. Otherwise, the data entered by you will be deleted.

  • 6.     Newsletter for members

    The newsletter of is only sent to registered members who expressly agree to receive this during the registration process. It is possible to cancel the subscription to the newsletter at any time without it being necessary to delete the user profile in the members’ area.

    Alongside the purposes of use stated in Point 5, the data will be used in order to send the newsletter. The data will not be passed on to third parties for commercial or non-commercial purposes. The data will be retained until the user objects to this or the purpose of data storage stated during the registration process no longer applies.

  • 7.     Jobs portal

    In the jobs portal of, users (also non-members) can apply for quantum technology-relevant jobs. The jobs are checked by editing first and must be approved for publishing. On, the title of the job offer and the recruiting institution or company appear. By means of an “apply now” button, an external link is established to the job offer. The respective partners who have uploaded the job offer are responsible for the content. In order to upload a job offer, the following data will be requested:

    • Job title
    • Job description
    • Area
    • Tags to the important technologies/methods in the job
    • Name of the employer
    • Link to the website of the employer
    • Link to LinkedIn
    • Address of the employer (town or city, region, postcode, country)
    • Information concerning the application process:
      • If applicable, complete job description
      • Contact person and his or her position in case of follow up queries
      • Telephone number of the employer
      • Email address for submission of application documents
      • Link to the external application tool

    The data above is solely used in order to administer the job adverts and is not passed on to third parties or used for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

  • 8.     Events and events calendar

    In the events calendar of the website, users (also non-members) can post events for congresses, symposiums, workshops or other events which are of relevance to quantum technologies.  The purpose of this is to provide the community with an overview of events which are relevant to quantum technologies. The contributions are checked by editing first and must be approved for publishing. The date, title and location of the event, as well as information concerning the deadline for registration and an external registration link appear on If provided, a click on the title of the event opens a detailed description of it. The respective user is responsible for the content of the event contributions.

    In order to post an event on, the following data will be requested:

    • Title of the event
    • Location of the event with address, town or city, postcode, country
    • Date with start and end of the event
    • Link to event registration
    • Registration deadline
    • Description of the event
    • Name of the event organiser
    • Link to the website of the organiser
    • Email address of the organiser

    The data above is solely used in order to administer the events and is not passed on to third parties or used for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

  • 9.     Contact form

    The transfer of data to the web server takes place following encryption. The data is not saved on the web server, rather it is then sent automatically from the web server by email in encrypted form to the editorial team of the website. The data is only stored for as long as is necessary.

  • 10.     10. Right of information

    Users have the right to receive free-of-charge information concerning the personal data relating to them which is saved. In addition, they have the right to have this personal data rectified, blocked and erased in accordance with the statutory provisions.

  • 11.     Cookies?

    • 11.1.     What are cookies and how do we use them?

      Cookies are small text modules which are transferred from the Internet to your computer together with the required data. This data will be saved on your computer and will be kept for later visits.

      We use cookies in some areas.  The website also contains links to external websites that may use cookies. These external websites and their use of cookies are beyond our responsibility, and we cannot inform you of this before following these links.

      So-called “session-cookies” are necessary, particularly for the registration process, because we use a so-called single-sign-on concept for reasons of user-friendliness during the authentication and access control to the different areas of our portal.

      This comprises the establishment of a “session” between the client and the server which allows you to move through the entire portal without having to re-register for each area.   This session is represented by a cookie, in which a randomly generated number is saved.

      In addition, your login information (user name, user rights and validity of the session) is saved in a further cookie to control your access.  Think of this as substitute login information.  Instead of asking you to re-enter your login information, the cookie is sent to the server and accepted as proof of your identity.

    • 11.2.     Validity of cookies

      The validity of both cookies is limited to the time of your visit to our portal.  They will be deleted automatically when you close the browser.  They are not linked to personal data and no conclusions can be drawn about the user’s activities.

      On explicit request, you can optionally allow permanent storage of your user name in a third cookie when registering.  This facilitates the login if you frequently visit the portal as you will then only be asked to enter your password.  We expressly point out the risks of this procedure as there is the danger of misuse of your login data by third parties.

      Most browsers are configured to automatically accept cookies.  However, you can deactivate the storage of cookies at any time or you can adjust the browser to inform you as soon as cookies are used.

  • 12.     Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn

    The embedded links on our website to Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn are not embedded via the respective social plugins.  The embedded graphic only contains an http-link.  This means that if you visit our website, no direct connection will be established to the servers of the social media providers.

  • 13.     Legal basis and time of storage

    The legal basis for data processing pursuant to the preceding paragraphs is Article 6 Paragraph 1

    Letter f) GDPR, if consent is unnecessary (letter a) or the processing is necessary to carry out (pre) contractual measures which have been initiated by the data subject (letter b). Our interest in data processing is, in particular, to ensure the operation and security of the website, the analysis of the way visitors use the website as well as the simplification of the use of the website.

    Unless otherwise specified, we only save personal data as long as is necessary for the fulfilment of the respective purposes.